John Lewis Added Care for your

  • home appliance includes set up assistance, ongoing support and annual check by telephone, repair and replacement
  • small appliance and technology includes breakdown and accidental damage insurance
  • television includes accidental damage insurance

All electrical products you buy from John Lewis are guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years at no extra cost. With Added Care you’ll enjoy the same benefits for a period of up to 5 years as well as further benefits not included in the original guarantee.

Please note: If your product breaks down during the John Lewis guarantee period please refer to your John Lewis guarantee terms and conditions

To view full Added Care terms and conditions click here -

  • home appliances
  • small appliance and technology
  • televisions

How to respond to your Added Care offer

Responding to your Added Care offer using this website is safe, secure and simple. In order to complete your application you'll need:

1) Your offer letter, from which we'll need the "Your Reference" and "Offer Reference" details
2) Your debit or credit card details

To get started, select "Respond to an offer" below.